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Mass. Legislature Ranked the Least Efficient in the U.S.

By Tom Marino | September 20, 2023
Last Updated: April 26, 2024

WASHINGTON  – A new analysis by Fiscal Note, a Washington D.C.-based company that makes software for policy tracking, found that the Massachusetts Legislature is the least efficient of all 50 states in 2023.

The report, released Aug. 21, found that 10,508 bills had been introduced in the Massachusetts legislature in 2023, with just 21 total bills enacted, a rate of 0.20 percent. Massachusetts lawmakers introduced the third highest total number of bills this year and enacted the fewest.

The legislation enacted in Massachusetts addressed labor and employment policy the most frequently. Massachusetts lawmakers also enacted legislation that addressed health, crime, finance and economics, and education.

The next state in ineffectiveness is Minnesota, with an enacted rate of 1.39 percent. The 25th highest ranked state is Wyoming, with 28.881 percent enacted. The most efficient

The New York legislature leads the country in number of bills submitted with 17,159, but enacted the third highest with 2,438 for a rate of 14.15 percent. The Texas legislature submitted the second highest number of bills with 10,549, but enacted the most with 4.410, representing 41.8 percent.

The full report is available below:

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