Massachusetts Ranked the 13th Happiest State

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Worcester Ranks, Headlines, News

A new study by looks at the happiness of people in each state and finds Massachusetts ranks as the 13th happiest state in America.

The study used three major categories to determine the ranking. Massachusetts placed in the top 12 in two categories, but the bottom eight in the third:

  • Emotional & Physical Well Being: 8th
  • Work Environment: 12th
  • Community & Environment Rank: 43rd

Several reports and studies were used to determine the ranking of each category. The full study and methodology can be found here.

Some of the rankings used within those major categories, and how Massachusetts ranked, include:

  • Suicide Rate: 4th
  • Number of Work Hours: 4th
  • Positive COVID-19 Testing Rate of Last 4 Weeks: 7th
  • Safety: 7th
  • Income Growth: 9th
  • Separation & Divorce Rate: 12th
  • Adequate-Sleep Rate: 21st
  • % of Depressed Adults: 22nd
  • Volunteer Rate: 24th

In overall ranking, Massachusetts placed just behind South Dakota (12th) and just in front of Virginia (14th).

The study found the happiest state in the nation is Hawaii, followed by Utah and Minnesota.

The lowest-ranked state in the study is West Virginia. Arkansas finished 49th and Oklahoma 48th.

Other New England states, ranked overall, placed as follows:

  • Connecticut: 10th
  • Vermont: 16th
  • New Hampshire: 21st
  • Rhode Island: 26th
  • Maine: 30th

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