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This Week in Worcester Podcast

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The podcast version of This Week in Worcester, hosted by Editor Tom Marino, has two versions. Regularly released episodes, produced multiple times  per month, feature Marino with John Keough, Executive Producer of Manny Jae Media. Marino and Keough discuss the most important news stories of the week, with a focus on city government. Unlike our print news pages, the podcast does include opinion and editorial content. 

Additional episodes of the podcast consist of discussions and/or interviews with invited guests. These episodes do not have a set schedule. 

If there is a guest you'd like us to request, a topic you'd like us to discuss, something we should cover or investigate, or to contact us for any reason, please use the form on this page

Podcast 2024

TWIW Podcast Ep10, 2024: Public Safety Cmte, Budget, State of the City

On the Worcester City Council Public Safety Committee, the city's ongoing budget process, and the city manager's State of the City Address.

TWIW Podcast Ep10, 2024: Public Safety Cmte, Budget, State of the City

On the Public Safety Committee dodging discussing institutional racism, the city's budget process, and the state of the city address.

This Week in Cablegate in Worcester : TWIW Podcast Ep.9-2024

A review of the week's in "Cablegate" in Worcester, including video clips from this week's discussion in city council on Charter-Spectrum.

TWIW Podcast Ep8- Charter Spectrum and Charter Review

We discuss the ongoing saga with the Charter Spectrum franchise agreement renewal and the effort for review of Worcester's city charter.

Podcast Ep. 7: How Worcester’s City Manager is Wrong on Spectrum

Chair of the Worcesterr Cable Advisory Committee John Keough explain how the City Manager Eric Batista is "just wrong" on Spectrum renewal.

TWIW Pod Ep. 6 2024 – Local Film Production, Gas Price Spikes, Expensive Mass.

In this sixth episode of the TWIW podcast 2024, local producers ignored in talk of the film industry drying up, gas prices spoke, and living in Ma$$.

TWIW Pod Ep. 5 2024 – Rental Registry, Fare-Free, WPD Gun Unit

This Week in Worcester Tom Marino and Manny Jae Media Executive Producer John Keough discuss the rental registry, fare-free, WPD gun unit.

TWIW Podcast Ep. 4 2024 – Public Restrooms, Youth Justice Reform, McGovern on Gaza

Discussion on a proposal for public restrooms, youth justice reform, and Rep. Jim McGovern's position on Israel's war in Gaza.

TWIW Podcast 2024 Ep. 3 – With the Cable TV Advisory Chair, Police Audit

This week with John Keough, Chair of the Worcester Cable Advisory Committee, and a discussion on the Worcester Equity Audit at Worcester PD.

TWIW Podcast – Ep. 2-2024: Spectrum Contract, Guns, Pardons

This Week in Worcester Editor Tom Marino and Manny Jae Media Executive Producer John Keough talk through the Spectrum Contract and more.

Podcast 2023