Town of Millbury Receives $5k Grant for Street Tree Planting

Town of Millbury Receives $5k Grant for Street Tree Planting

The town of Millbury has received a 2019 Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Grant from the Baker-Polito Administration on Tuesday.

The amount of the grant is $5,670 for street tree planting. Millbury was one of 14 municipalities to receive a Forestry Challenge Grant.

“Healthy, green and accessible open spaces are an essential component of the public’s well-being and our administration is proud to continue partnering with local municipalities and non-profit groups to ensure that trees and parks remain a priority,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “The Greening the Gateway Communities Program and Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Grants provide important resources for local officials focused on doing their part to strengthen and enhance tree canopies across the Commonwealth.”

The 2019 Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Grants, which range from $2,000 to $20,000, will assist in the following key areas:

  • Building and strengthening citizen advocacy;
  • Creating a Community Wood Bank;
  • Developing and adopting tree and forest ordinances and policies;
  • Developing and implementing an urban forestry management plan; and
  • Completing strategic community tree plantings and “Heritage Tree” care projects.

“The Baker-Polito Administration continues to make investments in our state’s natural resources, that include providing and administering vital funds through programs like the Urban and Community Forestry Grants Program, conserving and protecting environmentally important land throughout the Commonwealth and promoting the Greening the Gateway Cities Program,”said Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Leo Roy.“More trees across the Commonwealth will improve the air we breathe, reduce energy consumption and beautify our neighborhoods.”

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