UCFW and St. Vincent Hospital Agree to New Labor Contract

 by Tom MarinoMarch 20, 2021

WORCESTER - Saint Vincent Hospital announced on Saturday, March 20, that Tenet Healthcare, the Dallas-based company which operates the hospital, and the United Food and Commercial Workers [UCFW] agreed to new labor contract.

UCFW is the labor union that represents a range of hospital employees including patient care assistants, critical care techs, housekeepers, transporters and unit secretaries.

According to Saint Vincent Hospital, the two sides agreed to the new contract after ten negotiating sessions. The previous contract between the two expired on February 28.

Nurses at Saint Vincent Hospital, represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association [MNA], began a labor strike on Monday, March 8. The hospital has continued treatment during the strike.

UFCW members joined nurses on the picket line outside the hospital on Saturday, March 13.

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