Council Backs Resolution on Fare Free WRTA through 2023

 by TWIW StaffJune 21, 2022

WORCESTER - The City Council unanimously backed a resolution from Councilor at-large Moe Bergman on Tuesday night to call on the WRTA to continue its fare free policy through 2023.

The resolution calls for the city to support the WRTA's extension of its zero fare program through next year, have the city's representation on the WRTA advisory board to use all legal means possible to make the zero fare program extension possible and allowing a more accessible question and answer period during advisory board meetings.

The major complaint from residents and WRTA riders, according to Bergman, was the problem of having to sign-up prior to the advisory board meeting to have the opportunity to comment during the meeting.

The WRTA advisory board voted in November to extend the program through Dec. 31, 2022 on all fixed route and paratransit services.


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