Here's the Most Annoying Workplace Behavior in Mass

 by TWIW StaffApril 14, 2021

Working from home certainly has its benefits. One of them is avoiding coworkers who annoy the bejeezus out of you.

The team at career resource website surveyed more than 1,200 office workers across the country to find out what annoys them the most in their workplace -- and what specifically annoys workers in each state.

Zippia conducted the survey from February to March 2021, using Amazon's M. Turk survey platform, while many workers across the country were still working remotely.

Like most states, people in Massachusetts said the most annoying behavior from coworkers was "too loud." About 85% of the respondents in Zippia's survey checked off loudness as an annoying workplace trait.

Check out the full survey here for other annoying workplace traits and check out the map below to see how other states responded.


April 14, 2021 annoying coworker

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