FBI Data: The 25 Most Dangerous Cities and Towns in Mass in 2020

 by TWIW StaffOctober 4, 2021

WORCESTER – On Monday, Sept. 27, 2021, the FBI released their violent crimes data from the 2020 Uniform Crime Reporting [UCR] Program — a collection of the number of offenses that come to the attention of law enforcement for violent crime and property crime across each town, city, state and region in the United States.

For the first time in four years, the number of violent crimes increased in the United States, compared to the previous year’s statistics.

From 2019 to 2020, violent crimes in the U.S. increased by 5.6%. Property crimes dropped 7.8%, marking the 18th consecutive year these offenses declined.

Each year, ThisWeekinWorcester.com gathers the FBI’s crime data and ranks the 25 cities in Massachusetts with the highest violent crime rates per capita [1,000 people].

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The FBI classifies violent crime by four offenses: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Violent crimes are defined in the UCR Program as those offenses that involve force or threat of force.

More data on Worcester from the FBI’s “Crime in the United States” Report

  • There were 1,167 reported violent crimes in Worcester in 2020 - including 10 murders.
  • There were 903 reported cases of aggravated assault, 210 robberies and 44 reports of rape in Worcester in 2020.
  • Worcester had the third-most reported violent crimes in MA in 2020. [behind Boston and Springfield].
  • There were 3,715 reports of property crime including 2,593 larceny/thefts, 665 burglaries, 448 motor vehicle thefts and nine reports of arson.
  • There are six cities in the 2020 25 Most Dangerous Cities list located in Worcester County.
  • In Massachusetts, nearly 19,000 violent crimes were committed in 2020 [308 per 100,000 residents]. The number of violent crimes per capita in Massachusetts has decreased in each of the last 10 years.

Here are the 25 Most Dangerous Cities per Capita in Massachusetts:

*Population data used by the FBI in its report is pre-Census 2020 data.

#25 - Leominster

Population: 41,632

Violent Crimes: 175

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.20

Murder: 0


#24 - Hull

Population: 10,402

Violent Crimes: 44

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.23

Murder: 0


#23 - Hadley

Population: 5,358

Violent Crimes: 23

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.29

Murder: 0


#22 - Gardner

Population: 20,628

Violent Crimes: 89

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.31

Murder: 2


#21 - Fitchburg

Population: 40,621

Violent Crimes: 178

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.38

Murder: 0


#20 - Greenfield

Population: 17,464

Violent Crimes: 77

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.40

Murder: 0


#19 - Haverhill

Population: 63,935

Violent Crimes: 285

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.45

Murder: 0


#18 - Chicopee

Population: 55,294

Violent Crimes: 253

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.57

Murder: 2


#17 - Oak Bluffs

Population: 4.681

Violent Crimes: 23

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.91

Murder: 0


#16 - Boston

Population: 698,941

Violent Crimes: 3,492

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.99

Murder: 58


#15 - New Bedford

Population: 94,613

Violent Crimes: 488

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 5.15

Murder: 4


#14 - Worcester

Population: 184,945

Violent Crimes: 957

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 5.17

Murder: 10


#13- Chelsea

Population: 40,496

Violent Crimes: 211

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 5.21

Murder: 2


#12 - Southbridge

Population: 16,826

Violent Crimes: 93

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 5.52

Murder: 0


#11 - Montague

Population: 8,298

Violent Crimes: 46

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 5.54

Murder: 0


#10 - Aquinnah

Population: 328

Violent Crimes: 2

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 6.09

Murder: 0


#9 - Webster

Population: 16,925

Violent Crimes: 109

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 6.44

Murder: 0


#8 - Provincetown

Population: 2,939

Violent Crimes: 19

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 6.46

Murder: 0


#7 - Brockton

Population: 95.287

Violent Crimes: 640

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 6.71

Murder: 4


#6 - North Adams

Population: 12,800

Violent Crimes: 87

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 6.79

Murder: 0


#5 - Pittsfield

Population: 42,268

Violent Crimes: 308

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 7.28

Murder: 1


#4 - Springfield

Population: 154,306

Violent Crimes: 1,130

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 7.32

Murder: 18


#3 - Edgartown

Population: 4,362

Violent Crimes: 32

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 7.33

Murder: 0


#2 - Holyoke

Population: 40,178

Violent Crimes: 297

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 7.39

Murder: 8


#1 - Fall River

Population: 89,066

Violent Crimes: 688

Violent Crimes Per Capita: 7.72

Murder: 2

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