Worcester Ranked Among Top 10 Cities for Urban Gardening Profit Potential

 by TWIW StaffApril 13, 2021

April is Lawn and Garden month and the team at Lawnstarter.com has listed the best cities for urban gardening in 2021.

Urban gardening is essentially finding or creating space in the city to grow produce and share with -- or sell it to -- the community.

Among the 150 biggest cities in the U.S., Worcester ranks #69 overall for urban gardening -- and in the top ten for urban gardening profit potential.

Worcester is #8 in the category among cities in California like Santa Rosa, Oakland and Anaheim, and behind the top three cities of Honolulu, Fort Lauderdale, and Jersey City, New Jersey [see full list below].

LawnStarter ranked the Best Cities for Urban Gardening by comparing the 150 cities across 12 key factors including the average amount of sunshine between spring and fall to community-garden access to the availability of regional gardening clubs.

See the full list rankings here.

Top 10 Urban Gardening Profit Potential Rank, according to Lawnstarter.com:

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii
  2. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  3. Jersey City, New Jersey
  4. Santa Rosa, California
  5. Oakland, CA
  6. Ontario, CA
  7. Anaheim, CA
  8. Worcester, Mass
  9. Huntington Beach, CA
  10. Hialeah, FL
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