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Crime & Law

Worcester Man Arrested for Pointing Firearm at Police

A local man was arrested on Sunday for pointing a firearm at police and fleeing in a vehicle early Sunday morning.

Police Seek Help in Worcester Shooting Investigation

Worcester Police are investigating an incident that left an 18-year-old female with gunshot wounds, and sent two others to the hospital.

Man Facing Gun Charges Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

A Worcester man previouisly charged with possession of a machinegun pleaded guilty to federal drug charges on Wednesday.

Worcester Man Riding Motorcycle on Sidewalk Arrested for Drugs

A man stopped for operating a motorcycle on a sidewalk was arrested Thursday morning and faces multiple drug and motor vehicle charges.

State Rep. Defends Youth Justice Reform at City Council

Rep. Jim O'Day spoke at Worcester City Council on Tuesday about a juvenile criminal justice reform bill he sponsored that some councilors oppose.

State Police Most Wanted Fugitive Captured in Worcester

A fugitive on the Massachusetts State Police Most Wanted List since October was arrested in Worcester on Monday. 

WPD: Woman Damages Man’s Car after He Declines Charges

A woman found stealing from a parked car first fled, then returned to the scene to vandalize the vehicle after the owner declined to press charges.

Leominster Man Indicted for Murder in July Stabbing

A July stabbing in Fitchburg has led to the indictment of a 37-year-old man for murder.

Worcester Man Indicted for Murder in Stabbing Death in Feb.

A 29-year-old man will be arraigned in Worcester Superior Court after a grand jury issued an indictment for murder in a stabbing death in February.

Sutton Man Sentenced for Transporting Child Pornography

A Sutton man who performed for years as a magician was sentenced in federal court for sexual contact in a foreign country and child pornography.